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Our mission is to provide exceptional dental care and assistance in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. We constantly strive for a level of excellence that we and our patients expect, one that is reflected not only in our dentistry, but the manner in which it is performed. Our goal is to create a trusting relationship with our patients where their comfort and health is our first priority.


We are a general dental practice with an emphasis on aesthetics and family care. We have established long term relationships with our patients, and are familiar with their history and specific needs. We are here to guide you to better oral health. Among our many services are: Composite Restorations, Crowns, Bridgework, Veneers, Partial Dentures, and Aesthetic Dentistry.


Cerec Restorations are the latest form of porcelain restorations being made by utilizing a new technology called CAD-CAM. These restorations start out as a block of solid material (porcelain, composite and now also lithium disilicate) and are milled to the form which will fit the teeth and the bite. The design of the of the form is obtained through a computer.

I think you would have to ask our patients what makes us different. I could tell you what I think makes us different. We enjoy what we do, we enjoy the people we are doing it with, we enjoy our patients, we enjoy our team members. We like to have fun. I’ve been known to burst out into a magic trick or to do a balloon animal, or just to be skipping and dancing down the hallway. Not very well though.

People with apnea usually are not just snoring and making noise, but if they have true apnea they actually stop breathing in the middle of the night and it can be harmful to your health. You are going to walk around tired, uncomfortable all day and not getting good sleep. And also if you stop breathing it is not a good thing. So we like to keep everyone breathing easy.

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