Root Canals Jewett City, CT

Save Your Tooth and Alleviate Pain with Root Canal Therapy

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Root Canals  Jewett City, CT

Virtually-Painless Root Canal Treatment

If the inside of the tooth has become infected and you experience pain or sensitivity, we may suggest a root canal. Dr. Norman Katzoff has been in practice for more than 30 years and has performed hundreds of root canals with a high success rate. Even though you may be afraid of pain or discomfort, you can rest assured that root canal therapy is a relatively painless procedure and can actually alleviate pain. It is a necessary treatment in many cases and can help save your natural tooth. For those with high levels of anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry and local anesthesia.

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

When the pulp inside the tooth becomes inflamed or infected, we need to take steps to clear the infection. Inflammation can occur because of deep decay, faulty crowns, cracked or chipped teeth, or even frequent dental procedures.

Some of the key signs you may need a root canal include:

Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods
Severe toothaches or persistent pain in one area
Swelling or tenderness around the gums
Discoloration of the tooth

Timely Treatment with Root Canal Therapy

Getting timely treatment is essential when we detect any type of infection in the mouth. If you are delaying or postponing a root canal because you have anxiety or fear about going to the dentist, talk to us about sedation dentistry options. We offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation to help you feel more relaxed during treatment. Undergoing a root canal now can save you money in the long-term and prevent future damage. In many cases, we can prevent the need for a tooth extraction because we are rebuilding and strengthening the tooth.

Root Canals  Jewett City, CT

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