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Anxiety Management: Relieve Dental Anxiety and Enjoy Your Visits

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Alleviate Dental Anxiety for a Comfortable

If anxiety and fear are holding you back from going to the dentist, talk to us about Anxiety Management options. We can help you feel more calm, relaxed, and less anxious when visiting Dr. Norman Katzoff with anti-anxiety medication or nitrous oxide gas. Most people tolerate both of these forms of anxiety management very well and find it much easier to get through their visits.

Anxiety Management Is an Attractive Option for Many Patients

Dental care with anxiety management is an attractive option for many patients who want to work through their treatment plan without discomfort, pain, and stress. Whether you are scared of needles, don’t like the sounds and smells of the dental office, or are overly concerned about pain, we can help. Anxiety Management makes all of your treatments and visits more tolerable. We can put you in a very relaxed state but you will still remain conscious. In most cases, you will need someone to drive you to and from the appointment.

I had problems with other dentist because they always wanted to go right to “we need to pull the tooth”. And I actually have like a whole section of teeth out on one side because of that and prior to me coming here I had seen two different dentist who would tell me the same thing. I had some teeth that needed to come out that was it, there was nothing they could do. I was so nervous about it I just stopped going, and coming here I started seeing Dr. Katzoff and I’ll tell you this, I still have every single tooth I had fifteen years ago when I came here. I have not had a single tooth removed. He saved them all.

We utilize a program that I like to call “D.A.M.” that is Dental Anxiety Management. And a lot of it starts with just listening to the patient. We start by listening, we want you to think of it as a slow journey that is comfortable. You know we will work with you, individualize our programs whether it is a periodontal program or an anxiety program. We don’t mind if you bring a significant other or a friend with you if you need to. We’ve actually had patients who bring small dogs that sit in their lap because that is their comfort zone.

Your Sedation Dentistry Options

We make it easy for you to get the treatment you need without stress. Whether you are coming in for a root canal, tooth extractions, or a complete smile makeover, we can perform your procedure under sedation so you don’t feel discomfort or pain.

We offer:

Oral Sedation (anti-anxiety medication)
Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)

Get the Dental Care You Need, Now

Now you don’t have to delay or cancel your dental treatments because of fear or anxiety. We make it easy to get through your treatment plan with minimal stress. Call our practice today to learn more about sedation dentistry or to schedule your appointment.