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Minimally Invasive Treatment with Dental Lasers

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease or feel you have a “gummy smile,” Dr. Norman Katzoff may suggest laser technology. Some of the latest advances in dental laser technology allow us to perform a number of procedures without surgical incisions. We can kill an infection, remove gum tissue, and even treat canker sores with the power of a laser. Dental lasers provide a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgery and are a viable option for many patients.

Laser Dentistry  Jewett City, CT

Benefits of Dental Lasers

Dr. Katzoff has nearly 30 years of experience in the field and has completed advanced training to perform laser dentistry procedures. Dental lasers are a convenient option for many patients with busy lifestyles and minimal time for dental visits. Many procedures can be performed without anesthesia and have very little downtime.

Some of the benefits of laser dentistry over traditional treatments include:

Less bleeding and trauma
Minimal pain and discomfort
Fast healing time
Return to your everyday routine quickly
Less time in the dentist’s chair
No anesthesia needed, in most cases

Laser Dentistry Treatments

We want every patient to get the treatment they need with minimal stress, trauma, and discomfort. We perform a number of laser dentistry procedures at our practice, including:

Canker sore treatment
Crown lengthening (gummy smile)
Frenectomy (for children and adults)
Periodontal treatment (gum disease treatment)

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