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Repair Damaged Teeth with Custom Crowns and Bridges

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Restore Your Smile with a Dental Crown or Bridge

Fractured or damaged teeth can take away from the quality of your smile. If the integrity of your teeth is compromised for any reason, Dr. Norman Katzoff may recommend tooth restorations with a custom crown or dental bridge. Crowns and dental bridges restore proper functioning of the smile and can reduce the risk of other functional problems later. We can resolve several oral health concerns with a customized treatment plan, and with help from our same-day CEREC machine.

When I came to Dr. Katzoff, I came to him with dental implants that I had done previously by my periodontist. The cement that was used was just not compatible with me. It would make my gums swell and they would be red and inflamed and sometimes infected. So Dr. Katzoff removed the old bridge, and cleaned up all underneath and got rid of the infection and the inflammation and the pain and the redness. He restored a new bridge and a crown and now my front teeth look great!

Reasons for Crowns and Bridges

A custom crown works as a cap over the existing tooth structure. It can also be attached to the teeth as part of a bridge to restore your smile. In many cases, Dr. Katzoff recommends a crown when a tooth has cracked but can still be saved. A bridge is usually necessary when dental implants to replace a missing tooth aren’t an option.

You may be the ideal candidate for a crown or bridge work if you have:

Fractured teeth
Chipped teeth
Missing teeth
Large spaces between teeth

Benefits of Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges offer a number of benefits to patients with otherwise healthy teeth. They work as a supportive structure to rebuild and restore the teeth so that you maintain your natural smile. Dr. Katzoff uses very natural-looking tooth restorations and will customize the entire procedure to ensure you get the best possible result. You’ll enjoy both cosmetic and functional improvements with your tooth restorations. Many patients enjoy the fact that they can chew food without any problems, smile with confidence, and maintain optimal jaw health since they have a full set of teeth.

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